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“Tisza” Folk Festival (May Day Festival)
Dal 29/04/2017 al 02/05/2017
Csongrád - Ungheria

1st of May
In Europe, Labor Day or International Workers Day is celebrated on May 1st. In the past this holiday was marked by parades, political rallies and speeches to celebrate workers and labor unions. Today, it means a day off and a celebration of spring with concerts, picnics and many outdoor activities.
Csongrád city
Csongrád lies in the heart of the Great Plain, by the riverside of Tisza, at the tributary of Körös.
The beginning
According to legend, when prince Árpád conquered the army of Bulgarian-Slavonian prince Zalán possessing the area, the Hungarians occupied the earthwork found on the site of the present town Csongrád. The area was given by Árpád to Ond and his tribe to provide accommodation for them. To all probability, Csongrád earned its name from the earthwork rebuilt by Ete, son of Ond, using the language of Slavs taking part in the rebuilding to call Csongrád Csernigrad (black fortress). No trace of the once fortress was ever found, certainly because of the historical events in the course of centuries. On the basis of the subsisting relics, the once fortress was located on the area of the inner district of today’s Csongrád.

Some geography
Due to the geographical and environmental situation of the area, Csongrád is also called the town of waters. Besides the rivers Tisza and K?rös, a branch of stagnant water of a length of 750 m forms the boundary of the town from the South. In the Southwest, there is a world of scattered farms. In the course of centuries, the town developing and renewed continuously preserved quite a number of traditional values, among them the ancient core of the town called “inner town”, which with its thatched peasant houses of an age of 200 to 300 years is a skanzen today favoured by guests and tourists.
Körös Tributary
The place where Körös flows into the Tisza is beautiful in each season of the year. In the summer in case of low water you can find a sand spit which is unique in Hungary and it is reminiscent of the seaside.
Standing in front of Körös provides a really impressive sight. Taking a kayak, canoe or a boat you can travel up both rivers starting from the beach.
You can find here the largest expanse of the sandy bank in the country. The long stretching bank is a beloved place for bathing in the summer.
The guest houses are a few minutes walk to the Körös Tributary. It can be approached both by car or foot.
Further Information
Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, music bands from all over the world
The number of the participants are not limited
No age limits
At every 25 participant 1 is gratis
The groups are welcome to bring their video materials for sale and showcase their cultural uniqueness by participating in the fair-sale with arts and crafts products of their native region

Participation fee includes
Participate in the festival concerts (2 performances)
Accommodation (3 nights)
Half board
Diploma, gift

Participation fee does not include
Some optional programs

Participation fee
75 euro/person – youth hostel, apartment (3-4-5 bedded rooms, common bathroom)
89 euro/person – 2* hotel, 2* apartment (2-3-4-5 bedded rooms, own bathroom)
105 euro/person – 4* hotel
(3 bedded rooms, 40 km from Csongrád, supplement for a double room is 5€/person/day)

Application deadline: 30 March 2017

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